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Prof. Martin Storksdieck

Before becoming the Director of the Center for Research on Lifelong STEM Learning in June 2014, Dr. Storksdieck served as the Director of the Board on Science Education (BOSE) at the National Research Council (NRC) of the National Academy of Sciences.  As the BOSE Director he oversaw studies that address a wide range of issues related to science education and science learning, and provide evidence-based advice to decision-makers in policy, academia and educational practice. His prior research focused on what and how we learn when we do so voluntarily, and how learning is connected to our behaviors, identities and beliefs. This includes the role of personal perspectives in science learning, particularly related to controversial topics such as climate change or evolution, and how connections between school-based and out-of-school learning can create and sustain lifelong interest in science, but also learning itself. In the 1990s he was a science educator with a planetarium in Germany, where he developed shows and programs on global climate change; served as editor, host, and producer for a weekly environmental news broadcast; and worked as an environmental consultant specialising in local environmental management systems. He holds an M.S. in biology from the Albert-Ludwigs University in Freiburg, Germany; an M.P.A. from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government; and a Ph.D. in education from Leuphana University in Lüneburg, Germany. Martin also directs NRC’s Roundtable on Climate Change Education.


Prof. Marcus Elstner

Marcus is a Full Professor with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany and teaches Theoretical Chemistry.  He received his Diploma in Physics 1993 TU Berlin; Doctoral Degree in 1998 and Postdocs in 1999 from Harvard University; Habilitation in Theoretical Physics in 2003 with the University of Paderborn and W2 Professor in 2006-2009 through TU Braunschweig, Germany.  His principal research Interests are chemical reactivity and spectroscopic properties of complex proteins, organic semi-conductors and quantum mechanical (QM) methodology.  Besides the development of such methods-combinations, a large part of his effort concentrates on the development of fast and accurate approximations to Density Functional Theory (DFT) resulting in the DFTB suite of methods.  Recently Marcus has traveled the world lecturing on “Multi-scale Methods for the Investigation of Biological Structures and Processes”.


Brendon Sher

Brendon currently runs the City of Los Angeles’ Green Business Program. The program was formally passed by LA City Council and is funded by The LA DWP and The City of Los Angeles.  He has formed numerous Public-Private partnerships to advance sustainable business in California, some of which include Apple & The Department of Labor and General Motors (GM) and The Department of Energy; He is an Award-Winning Corporate Trainer; He has worked for Governor Jerry Brown’s office on various environmental business initiatives, and is currently serving as a CNN iReporter.  He studied International Environmental Communication and Business at Tulane University. He’s been involved in 'Green' Business for over 15 years.



Stephan McGuire, Executive Director

Stephan has been part of the Tree Media family for more than fifteen years where he has helped produce various projects focusing on environmental sustainability and human justice.  He is currently the Executive Director of the Foundation.  Recently his focus has been international work including a partnership with the Namibian Prime Minister, where under several government portfolios he directed the documentary “Trees On a Canvas” which showcases Namibia’s efforts in cross-sector collaboration and development of smart commercial enterprises.  He was the Associate Producer of the award winning documentary “The 11th Hour” and from 2006- 2012 he founded and directed Los Angeles based CSAFRICA, an international coalition of non-profit organisations offering sustainable solutions for grass-roots initiatives which highlighted community pockets of excellence throughout Africa.  He is currently working to complete a Master and PhD Degree program through the University of Massachusetts Amherst in Sustainability Studies and Creative / Critical Thinking.


Leila Conners

Leila Conners founded Tree Media Group in August of 1996. With a background in international politics, Leila set out to build a production company that creates media to support and sustain civil society by telling inspiring stories. Currently, Leila is writing and directing We the People 2.0 about nature rights; and her longtime project, Into Eden, about how we can change our society and ourselves in the face of disintegrative forces that threaten everything from the biosphere to our economic system. Leila most recently produced a documentary film on the explosion of urban farming in Detroit called Urban Roots. Leila’s first feature-length documentary, The 11th Hour, was co-created with Leonardo DiCaprio. The film included 54 leading thinkers and scientists about the state of the world and the state of the human condition. She has written a feature film script for Ridley Scotts Scott Free Productions on the state of the oceans. Leila has also been published in newspapers and magazines around the world including the International Herald Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Yomiuri Shimbun and Wired Magazine among others. Projects over the last 10 years with Tree Media Group include work with the Council on Foreign Relations, NASA, JPL, Norman Lear, Green Cross International, Harvard University, and Hollywood studios among others. Her article on “Death and American Culture” was published in War, Media and Propaganda, published by Rowman and Littlefield.


Prior to Tree Media, Leila was Associate Editor of NPQ/New Perspectives Quarterly, an internationaljournal of social and political thought, and Associate Editor of Global Viewpoint of the Los AngelesTimes Syndicate, an internationally distributed op-ed column that reaches 200 papers. At NPQ, she interviewed thinkers and policy makers including: Kofi Annan, Nafis Sadik, Betty Friedan, Hans Bethe, Rigoberta Menchu Tum, Boutros Boutros Ghali among others. She is now Editor-at-Large for NPQ.


In 1991, Leila translated Jacques Attali's book from the French for Random House entitled, Millennium. Leila is often invited to speak on issues of sustainability and the environment and has served on panels nationally and internationally.



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