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Farms in Schools

We partnered with The Green Schoolhouse in creating a pilot program to build school farms.

Across the nation, schools cover large areas of land that are often covered in asphalt. This asphalt-covered land offers up a valuable opportunity thus our vision became turning some of this into organic food-producing land while also creating healthy outdoor classrooms. School budgets nationwide did not provide for this activity so Tree Media Foundation partnered with The Green Schoolhouse, a Los Angeles-based school garden consulting and design build company, to create a pilot program to build school farms. We named these farms “Field of Dreams”.

A Field of Dreams Farm is an outdoor classroom where high school students learn the sustainable practices of planting, composting and water conservation to grow food with the highest organic nutritional value. Each school would experience the growth cycle of “Seed to Harvest to Table”. Students took the message home that growing your own food is a simple and vital process. Several schools had the opportunity to participate in their communities by growing food for their local community’s food banks and homeless shelters.

Here is a short film showcasing one of the pilot program schools Ritter Elementary school in Los Angeles>>.

Here is a blog website for the Garfield High School

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