James A. Garfield High School

Tree Media Foundation has partnered with The Green Schoolhouse and the students at Garfield High to create a working farm on campus.  

Garfield Farm Update

To follow the Garfield Farm project, click on this link to the blog.  https://garfieldhighfarmproject.wordpress.com/


The construction on campus at Garfield put the project on hold until the new football field is built among other buildings.  Until then, please read about the students' farm designs and process.

The Green Schoolhouse visited with the Garfield Highschool Green Architecure and Design Magnet students. Principal Huerta, Assistant Principal Naulls, GADA teacher Mr. Laines and Assistant GADA teacher Alvaro Laines were also present.


The Garfield Design Team Antonio Chavez, Jennifer Mora, Mayra Garcia, Leslie Perez, Marcos Ybarra, and Eduardo Escalona. (Luis Cruz was out for the day) have all contributed amazing designs for the Tree Media/Green Schoolhouse “Field of Dreams” School Farm.

Their seven designs were used for inspiration by The Green Schoolhouse for coming up with an exciting Garfield Farm.


The young designers expressed an interest in many areas:  a meeting place for all the young people on the farm, a greenhouse that was unique in shape, paths getting to the farm beds to be curved and irregular, large shade trees, and a stone fountain for donors names.

The importance of sustainability was revealed in water catchment systems, compost bins, cobb structures and edible landscape plants.


One of the consistent needs of the designers was that the farm be a place that one could enter and step away from the asphalt and heat of the school campus.  That it be a place to learn and grow food, but also an environment for socializing and relaxing together.

The Green Schoolhouse took into account similarities in their designs and unique elements and created an “Off the Grid Farm” plan.  This farm will test out new ideas for self sustaining itself- ie: solar planeling for electricity towards lighting and the irrigation system, water catchment for actual watering of the farm.


Here’s a picture of the groundplan for the farm:

Garfield High School Farm Plan-4-23

Farms In Schools
In Process:
James A. Garfield High School

Green Architecture and Design Academy   


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Academy of Health Careers, Nutrition, Culinary Arts


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Alexander Hamilton High School

Global Studies Network Academy


Phineas Banning High School

Global Environmental Science Academy


Roosevelt High School

Academy of Environmental and Social Policy




Notice the curved pathway going from the entrance gate to the greenhouse. This came from Marco Ybarra’s unique curved paths in his design. The large tree for shading came from Mayra Garcia’s wide open country-feeling plan.

The circular Greenhouse with an underground water catchment system was inspired by Antonio Chavez unique greenhouse design which incorporated glass bottles for construction of paneling and water catchment along the sides.

The proposed greenhouse will include a structural armature infilled with recycled material panels.

Luis Cruz and Eduardo Escalona contributed with their unique layouts and Jennifer Mora’s flowering hedges inspired edible hedges surrounding the farm as well as the citrus espaliered hedges in the back.

The water collected in the catchment tank during the rainy season will be stored and used to water the farm during the hot season by flooding the fields through a system of cement channels. This passive gravity feed watering system dates back to ancient gardens around the world.

Everyone was truly excited by the "Off the Grid Farm!”

The next step will be towards researching edible hedges, fuel grass, large canopy tree species, recycled goods panel options and cobb construction of a surrounding wall.

We’re excited that the direction the farm is going will set it apart from other school garden efforts by creating an actual educational farm model!


-The Green Schoolhouse

Gina Rose Powell and Sarah Didvar-Saadi





Research for the “Off the Grid Farm”


Research edible hedge possibilities – consider what their uses are of a particular variety and benefits.


Research plants that can offer sustainable possibilities, likee fuel grass to incorporate into the farm.


Research appropriate species which will do well in your climate for the large canopy shade tree in the outdoor classroom area. Consider evergreen vs deciduous and seasonal color.


Research and create a sample of available recycled materials and create a 4ft by 8ft panel option for the Greenhouse.  Can these recycled materials be donated- and then added to our donor wall? What’s available on campus or local recycling facilities?


Explore the different possibilities rammed earth or cobb construction of a 3ft high wall surrounding the farm.


What kind of water flow would we need to make the water from the underground water catchment system actually irrigate the fields?


Research permaculture concepts in plant groupings.


How did farmers benefit by having animals on their farms, ie Chickens, on their farms as well as food.


Research the types of solar panels for the project.


Research local Farmer’s Market stands to find out what they grow, how they choose what they’re growing at a particular time of year and how they harvest – cleaning, shipping, selling etc….


Design an entrance gate for the farm.

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