Green World Rising

Series on climate change. Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, presented by Thom Hartmann. Directed by Leila Conners and produced by Mathew Schmid, George DiCaprio, Earl Katz and Roee Sharon Peled.

Tree is created the Green World Rising series, narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, a film series, free to the public, aimed at exploring crucial issues related to the climate crisis.  Films include CARBON, GREEN WORLD RISING, LAST HOURS, and RESTORATION.  Created in collaboration with Thom Hartmann, the series will discuss challenges and solutions to the climate crisis.  http://www.greenworldrising.org


Green World Rising is directed by Leila Conners, produced by Mathew Schmid and Executive Produced by George DiCaprio, Earl Katz and Roee Sharon Peled.   Our first film, Last Hours has received endoresements from Al Gore, Maggie Fox, Denis Hayes, Michael Brune, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Kumi Naidoo, Lester Brown, Thu Pam and Tom Weis. All the films of Green World Rising are for global distribution, free to the public and hold a Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International.  

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