Pollinators are in decline around the world and yet we depend on them for much of our food supply, and other animals do too.

Three very important short films on the plight of pollinators and the actions we can take to ensure their survival, of humans and essential ecosystems everywhere have been created and distributed globally. Pollinators Under Pressure is our award-winning film series focusing on the plight of pollinators around the world, the actions we can all take to ensure their survival and of humans and ecosystems everywhere. Narrated by Academy Award®-winning actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio, the short film series features expert voices and diverse points of view from representatives of federal agencies, non-governmental organisations, and youth who are working in communities to help residents understand the impact of everyday actions on pollinators and their habitats.

From the USDA, the US Forest Service, the Farm Service Agency, Bureau of Land Management, the Smithsonian and many other partners, we created these short documentaries to educate students from around the world. The film series premiered at the National Press Club in 2018 and can be viewed and screened under creative common license for free.


Tree Media Foundation is a 501c3  organisation created by Tree Media in 2013. We educate the public and support programs incorporating deep ecology, human development and evolution of consciousness. 


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