Pollinators Under Pressure

Series on the plight of the pollinators. Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, directed and written by Mathew Schmid, produced and edited by Leila Conners; Executive Produced by George DiCaprio and Laura Cox.

Tree Media Foundation is working with the USDA, the US Forest Service, the Farm Service Agency, Bureau of Land Management, the Smithsonian and many other partners, to bring to the public a series of short films about the plight of the pollinators and how to help them thrive again. Pollinators Under Pressure, directed by Mathew Schmid and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, lauched Spring 2018.  The films will be free to the public for education and awareness.   The first episode has been nomianted for a Cinema for Peace Award in Berlin, 2019.

The second episode, now in production, is Farms and Pollinators Under Pressure with the USDA.  The third episode will be done in conjunction with EPRI on the work that power companies are doing to create pollinator habitat under powerlines. 

All the films are for global distribution, free to the public and hold a Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International.  

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Tree Media Foundation is a Non Profit Organization 501(c)3 that supports education, programs and activities in environmental sustainability.   We also support activities and programs that incorporate thinking in deep ecology, human development and consciousness.

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