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NEWS 2014 - 2020

Updated: Jan 19, 2021


ACTION CAMPAIGN FOR Ice on Fire begins - Catching Carbon Series: We have selected projects with global connections and a demonstrated success in providing multiple, simultaneous and profound environmental benefits.


TreeMedia Foundation began supporting a carbon (CO2) drawdown initiative inspired by the film Ice on Fire. This project purports climate change can be reversed by sequestering carbon and our newly launched Catching Carbon initiative has been created allowing everyone to be part of the solution.

NEWS - WINTER 2019 POLLINATORS UNDER PRESSURE is nominated for Cinema for Peace Award in Berlin. NEWS - SPRING 2018

POLLINATORS UNDER PRESSURE, narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio and the first in a short film series on pollinators, launched in Washington DC at a screening for the US Forest Service and the USDA. NEWS -WINTER 2018 POLLINATOR SERIES in production for the US Forest Service and the USDA. NEWS - SPRING 2017 Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation supports the educational outreach through community screenings of We the People 2.0.

NEWS - FALL 2016 BIOMIMICRY film screens at Bioneers.

FATHER JOSEPH film in distribution. NEWS - SUMMER 2016 Short film documenting the Farms in Schools' Ritter Garden created POLLINATOR SERIES in production

BIOMIMICRY film series launched. NEWS - SPRING 2015 RESTORATION the 4th in the Green World Rising series was launched. NEWS - FALL 2014 The 3rd in the GREEN WORLD RISING series narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio launched. NEWS - 10/29/14 Supported the film project FATHER JOSEPH about the work of Father Joseph in Haiti and the Fonkoze Bank including the reforestation of Haiti among other work there. NEWS - SUMMER 2014 Our farms in schools program just completed our first farm @ Ritter Elementary in Watts! NEWS - 8/18/14 GREEN WORLD RISING SERIES launched with Leonardo DiCaprio

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