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  • Stephan McGuire


Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Tree Media Foundation is supporting a carbon (CO2) drawdown initiative that includes trees, kelp and biochar and also direct air capture machines turning carbon into rock. Inspired by the film Ice on Fire and the fact that climate change can be reversed by sequestering carbon, our Catching Carbon initiative has been created allowing everyone to be part of the solution. Guided by recent findings of the International Panel on Climate Change, Ice on Fire, scientists and other respected researchers are rolling out our first issue: SERIES ONE of carbon capturing projects. We have selected projects with global connections and a demonstrated success in providing multiple, simultaneous and profound environmental benefits. Supporters can help these projects get installed and working. Natural solutions to climate disruption can help us achieve 37 percent of our climate target, buying us time to make the critically necessary changes in energy production and use.

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