Ritter Elementary

Ritter Elementary Garden Update


The Ritter Garden is Complete!!!  Installation completed Summer 2014 just in time for the new school year.  Thanks to Shepard Fairey and Obey for providing the much needed funds for this projecst!


Short Film on the creation of the Ritter Garden -->


















At Ritter Elementary the need for green space is great.  The school is primarily asphault and is surrounded by asphault.  Principal Green has cited the need for the children to experience green grass and being exposed to nature.  To address that need, the Ritter Elementary Garden will include an outdoor classroom as well as places for teachers, students and administrators to have lunch.  The garden will have planting boxes as well as bean tee-pees for children to interact with the garden in a hands-on way.  The garden plan is undergoing LAUSD approval and once approved, the asphault will be removed and the garden will be planted!


The plan under review: 

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